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    Slide blister also known as flange folded blister, edge blister, flange blister, slide on blister, sliding blister, bent edge blister, folded flange blister, or flanged blister, track packs, turned edge blister, are very common overseas, most of the products coming from Asia are packaged in slide blisters.

    We are the largest manufacturer of slide blisters in the USA. Our stock list of slide blisters keeps growing everyday. If you export to Europe they do not like heat sealed blisters as they are not recyclable, compared to slide blisters which do not seal to cards and both the blister and card are recycled, slide blisters offer looks similar to clamshell, at close to blister price, Cards just simply slide in the back.

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    Our stock list is on that page but If you do not see your exact size, please e-mail us your specs. click on drawings to view sizing.
    All Dimensions are Approximate, we recommend you send us a sample product for best opinion. All prices are FOB Dallas, TX.

    Key Benefits:

     Easy open, easy close: KwikPak.

     No machines required to seal packages.

     No returns, No torn packages coming back

     No tooling charges.

     Consumer friendly packaging.

     Easily recycled.

     Cost competitive.

     Immediate shipment for most items.

      Can buy as few as one case on most